Question Custom cooling the Corsair 460x


Mar 24, 2013
Hi Guys. My daughter asked me to help her build her gaming desktop. We have made a good start I think but I have hit a roadblock at water cooling. I have done the videos and posts on method and procedure but getting a graphics card in her budget and finding a matching block is frustrating. She has been opting for quality and is taking her time with the build. I am very proud of the patience she is showing. She has decided on a white build and I will list the current parts on hand, and then what is still in the cart.

On Hand
Corsair crystal series 460X case
Corsair RM850x White power supply
Bykski CPU-XPR-A-MC CPU Water Cooling Block V2
XSPC EX120 Radiator, 120mm 2 of these white
Samsung 970 Pro 512 GB M.2 2280
Asus Sabertooth Z170S motherboard

XSPC EC6 High Performance Premix Coolant, Opaque, 1000 mL, White
CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3000MHz C15 LED Desktop Memory - White

Corsair CO-9050059-WW SP Series, SP120 RGB LED, 120mm High Performance RGB LED Single Fan 3 of these

Still to order
Intel I7 6700K
WD 4TB Black series hard drive
XSPC Ion series pump/reservoir, white

Still undecided
Hard tubing, Chrome or White fittings

RTX 2070 between 400-550 usd
GPU full cover water block to fit said card (RGB or RBW preffered)

I have been to Amazon, Newegg, Bykski, PPCS, Primochill, XSPC, and any other place I come across to find a solution. It is difficult to find a card to match a full cover water block and not worry one or the other will be out of stock when we a purchase. I cant nail down a specific water block description saying any 2070 reference card will fit and I cant ask her to take a chance on a 500.00 purchase and be wrong. Any combination of card in the price range and water block in the 150 range would be great. The CPU block is copper which I understand the GPU block should also be copper to avoid mixing metals and inhibiting corrosion. Her loop as we discussed together will run as follows: Pump-CPU-Rad1-GPU-Rad2-Back to pump. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. Direction to the right GPU and matching water block, or the best way to attain the match is greatly appreciated.

SIDE NOTE I had the motherboard for some time with intention of building a white rig of my own. I gave it to her to get her started which is why it is 3 generations old if you wanted to know.