Custom Desktop For Under 350$


Sep 10, 2011
After running form page to page i found this useful community, this is my first post and ensures that i am not violating any norms, So i want to Build my own pc for day to day work and also i love games and want them too, Please help me to build my dream pc.

My Objective- To build the system as high spec as possible also System should be Low power consuming.

I dont want a gfx card over here.I run on design heavy tasks.

Also regarding gfx card(i want to add it later when i have more money). Also please suggest that parts which will be little future proof, so that they can work with all latest part as when need be!

Please clarify me where i am wrong. Any help is much appreciated. For hardisk 500$ will be more that enough.

I don't know anything about motherboards, so please suggest me some good one, which will be easy to upgrade in future.
Also i am not a professional( Just hobbits who run Autocad max and maya, photoshop,illustrator,fireworks,aftereffects and some programming Ides)

Remember i will invest anything that is fast, so it can be said extracting juice out of my 360$

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