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Sep 5, 2017
Okay so I have returned. I usually only like to show up when things aren't working.... I'm a great member of this community stop judging me!
A n y h o o

I had a busted 2016 ed. HP pavilion laptop with an a10 AM960PADY44AB (www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Bulldozer/AMD-A10-Series%20A10-9600P.html), 6gb ram, 1tb hdd, and a decent motherboard. Connector to screen was busted. Figured I was going to make a fancy streaming computer out of it like the ones that you can find on youtube which are pointless and dumb.... T H E N I S T A R T E D D E S I G N I N G I T . . . and of course things started running away. Now I'm up to 8gb ram, and I want to add a gpu. Why? Well, I want a computer I can put on my back for VR and I have no clue if an a10 is even vr ready so that's why I'm here, couple of questions before I throw money at this.
It's worth noting that this is the case I'll be using: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Springfield-Armory-TRP-Operator-Original-Box/142903510206?hash=item2145b684be:g:rmUAAOSwuPlbcLrc

So without further ado (don't we all hate ado?), here's my questions:

1. Is the a10 a somewhat VR capable processor (doesn't have to be great, I'm using the HP WMR headset)?

2. I know the laptop has an a/e M.2 socket on it (so that's NOT NVME) that I want to use to run this GPU, what's the best cheap way to get 16x PCI-E out of a little m.2? (looking for non $100 cables and stuff, if you have any suggestions)… also, just want to double check, a/e is compatible with M, correct?

3. Furthermore, what gpu should I run in that slot? I have a 970 (EVGA SC) in storage that's definitely capable, but has a high pull. Someone has offered to trade me their 3gb Zotac 1060 for it, provided I give them a new air cooler as well... the 970 is definitely more capable with vr, but has a higher pull, so I need advice. I don't have any 1060s in inventory, nor do I have a history of using them. Do they require external power? Should I go with the 970? How's cooling and power draw for the 1060?

4. a 2800 mAh battery definitely ain't gonna cut it. The stock battery is 3x 3.7v batteries put into series for a total of 11.1v running into this little thing. How are these for replacement batteries (they're going to directly replace the current batteries in the same placement)? I'm hoping to get over 15 Amp hours. The originals are Li-ion batteries as well so I figure it'll work, unless there's some sort of automatic kill switch that activates if you screw with the batteries?
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