Custom pc budget 4300-4600 dollars


Jul 31, 2011

(Excuse my little mistakes but i'm not a native speaker)

So , Here is the image with the components except the monitor.

I thought maybe the pza eizo or Dell U2311H Ultrasharp 23¨ as a monitor. Don't know which one i should get ... Want full hd or better resolution , hdmi ,usb port ... maybe around 500 dollars.

Just do not tell me i spent a lot of money on the system , i know ... i've chosen my gift for university and i think that's a pretty good present.

This pc is gonna be used for video rendering and some gaming , also projects for university. Just to state that after a few years i'm gonna go for pc modding just to refresh-upgrade it a little bit.

So is this good enough ? Should i change some settings , maybe the graphics card and go for the sapphire ? Concerning the core should i go instead the 980 for the i7 2600k ?

For the case i also i thought the cosmos , haf x or obsidian 800d.
Concerning solid state i could not find in the greek stores i searched the crucial and samsung ones or at least inteal so i had to deal with ocz :(

Also later i'm gonna go for a good ups and maybe the 906 logitech speakers (right now i can't afford them) ... But ok what do you suggest for 5.1 surround speakers ? Wil they be compatible with 7.1 motherboard ?

And don't like the mouse-keyboard i've chosen , sth better in this price ?



Nov 11, 2010
First of all that is one big budget for just one computer :eek: . I would go for a i7-2600k with a mother board with the NF200 bridge (A Z68 board). The 2600k will beat 980x on most things. the graphics card is good but if you want a little more juice go with this but it takes up 3 slots

Now for the case. The cosmos will be kind of small relative to the HAf X and the 800d. The haf X has A LOT of Air flow but some of it is plactic, also it has USB 3.0 as a front header. The 800d is mostly all metal and has a cleaner look to it. I think the HAf X is a little bigger to if you want to upgrade/modding in the future.
As for the speakers the 5.1 should work with 7.1 sound but for that type of speaker set your going to get i would strongly suggest a sound card even a 40$ one because its going to give you better sound then on-board.

For soild-state drives ocz is a good producer for them, a soild-state drive will always be fast than mechanical drives. The Keyboard could get better like the razer black widow