Question Custom power cable for an HP PROLIANT Ml350 G6 Backplane SFF 8 BA ?

Feb 15, 2023
Afternoon everyone,

I wondered if there is anyone here that would be able to guide me in making a custom power cable for an HP PROLIANT Ml350 G6 Backplane SFF 8 BA?

I am looking at putting it in my current PC as a bit of a project as I have a few hard drive with files on that need moving around.

The board that powers this backplane as a 10 pin power connector but its hard wired to the backplane power supply board.

So I was looking at removing the 10 pin plastic connector as I don't want to wreck the parts I have as they are all in good working order, I have numerous cables from old power supplies and other random computer parts.

Initially I was looking at powering the board from spare molex connectors from my PSU so I would have to potentially have 2 molex connections on the end of my 10 pin power cable - not sure how that would work seeing as its currently got all 10 pins occupied and 2 molex is only 8 wires. This is where I get stuck as that might work if I am only needing ground and power wires, I am not sure what the other coloured wires are all about.

Pinout is
1 - Yellow = 12v
2 - Black = Ground
3 - Yellow/Green = Earth? (Thin Wire)
4 - Black = Ground
5 - Yellow = 12v
6 - Yellow = 12v
7 - Black = Ground
8 - Red/White = ? (Thin Wire)
9 - Blue = Neutral(Thin Wire)
10 - Brown = Live

Or I found a 24 pin power supply splitter cable and a 24 pin to 10 pin adapter cable - would this be the easiest way to go and would it even work?

I hope all that makes sense, just looking at a way to power the board in my current pc. See below for pictures for reference...

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

This is the board I would like to power!

This board is the original power board

Could I make something like this but it'll be 10 pin to 2x Molex?

A possible option to power the board?

I found this and it says he spliced a 10 pin power connector to 2 hdd power molex but no guide on how it was done. View: