Question Custom Resolution tool in Nvidia Control Panel


Jan 13, 2014

I have an Odyssey G9 Neo 49inch monitor that i've been messing around with for a few weeks.

I love this monitor for immersion and work but at 240hz, i can see scanlines on windows and some games. for some reason, CoD:CW doesnt show it which is odd, but anyways...

The scanlines are noticeable enough for it to bother me and i've tried changing/mixing up many settings on the monitor and windows, updated the firmware on the monitor, pretty much anything i could think of but the only fix i have found is putting the monitor at 120hz with adaptive sync on. This gets rid of the scanlines.

So now the only drawbacks of this monitor is slight discoloration of text and the 120hz refresh rate. I would love to use 240hz but i don't feel it necessary for that, however, i really want at least 144hz refresh rate, so i noticed the create custom resolution in Nvidia's control panel and i made a preset with the exact same resolution, but manually changed the refresh rate to 144hz because there was no option i to pick between 120hz and 240hz.

Now there are a couple things i am not sure about when doing this:

1. the monitor itself can toggle between 60hz, 120hz, and 240hz. If i make the customer resolution in Nvidia's control panel, will the monitor produce the 144hz refresh rate although the hardware preset on the monitor itself is showing 120? does it need to be 240 on the monitor and then use 144hz custom resolution to work?

2. Does using a custom resolution preset have any drawbacks? i am not changing the resolution, i am changing the refresh rate and this monitor can support up to 240hz so i dont think i am pushing it over any limits or whatever. Will this cause any kind of input lag or any other issues i should be aware of?

That's pretty much it for the questions so far. I appreciate anyones input.

If you need to know the specifications of the computer it's a 9900k/rtx3090/32gb/asus hero maximus wifi mobo/850w corsair modular.

Thank you.

Deleted member 362816

Displays are meant to be run at there stated refresh rate to look that best. Thus it's meant to be at 240hz to look its best. IMO all that monitor is good for is Gaming. I wish you luck. You won't do any damage by using a custom refresh rate between 60-240 if that is what you wanted to know.