Question Custom resolution works but occasional black screen for less than a second.


Jun 29, 2015
I have an issue and its not very bothersome just more worrying that damage might be caused,

My tv is 4k and limited to 30hz due to lack of 2.0 but this has never bothered me.

My Pc monitor is 1080p but has a refresh rate of 75hz,

Up until last month I had both hooked up to my motherboard using my APU integrated graphics.

One used hdmi output and the other was DVI output.

Both monitor automatically set to their max res/max refresh rate without issues.

I upgraded to a DGPU last month and despite having the exact same cables and set up.... when i plugged the tv and monitor into the GFX cards outputs the DVI output would not give the correct Res/refresh.

I tried using the DVI to the Tv and i was limited to 1080p.

I then tried the DVI to the monitor and i was limited to 60hz.

The HDMI output could do 4k and above 60hz no issues.

Figuring that the issue was with the DVI output on the card... as i could neither get 4k for the tv or above 60hz for the monitor... i decided to try using the AMD pixel patch and customer res.

This was succesful and i managed to get the 4k @30Hz and then used the HDMI output for the 1080p @75hz for the monitor.

The only issue is im getting occasional moments of the tv going black like its losing signal then it returns... it doesnt happen that often but its something that never happened prior to customer res.

Whats the worst that can happen ? as the tv is able to do 4k @30Hz so im not forcing it to go to a res or refresh it cant and the card can do the res/ref.

Any ideas ?