Custom System Randomly Crashing


May 20, 2011
I built a custom computer for my girlfriend, because she has a moderately popular YouTube channel, and therefor does a fair amount of video editing.

Asus P8H67-M PRO/CSM
Intel Core i5 2300
Patriot Gamer 2 Series 8GB (2 x 4GB)
240GB Intel 330-Series SSD
COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power RS600

(All links are to the exact Newegg product page from the invoices.)

My problem is that the computer, occasionally (often enough to note), just crashes. I have done a clean install a dozen times, and has passed every hardware diagnostic I have thrown at it. One of the memory modules failed a memory test, but I have since reseated the ram and it passes the memory test. The most recent reformat was this past Saturday.

I had just moved her families router to her room because we intend to have her computer act as a media server for the media players throughout the rest of the house. I went into the Windows network adapter settings to enable the LAN adapter, and disable the wireless adapter. I disabled the wireless adapter, and went to enable the LAN adapter. The adapter wouldn't enable, so I restarted the computer. As the computer was booting, it threw a bsod and rebooted. On next boot I went to go into Safe Mode, and it threw me another bsod! After about an hour trying to figure out what was wrong (always crashed after classpnp.sys), I declared the os bad, reformatted, took out the wireless card, and started over. I'm posting here now because after spending most of my weekend fixing the machine (when I left it was working beautifully), it has crashed again. She told me she woke up to a "Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown" message.

I'm not sure what to do, I would appreciate any advice people can give. I know a fair bit about computers and actually do know what I'm doing, but this build has me stumped. Please feel free to ask any questions you can think of.

Thanks in advanced!

Edit: Just occurred to me that I haven't updated the BIOS on the system that I can remember, so I'll do that asap.

Also, not that it's important, but the case is the Fractal Design Core 1000 which I absolutely love!