Question Customizing the front panel of my PC case for better air flow?

May 8, 2020
Hey guys, I recently built my first PC on a budget and I settled for the corsair carbide series 88r. With only small openings on the side and bottom, the front end of the case is extremely restricted in terms of air flow. I want to customize it by adding some grills to the front like so (
). Unfortunately, I lack the expertise and hardware to do such a thing. Is there some kind of store that provides this kind of pc case customization as a service? Thanks!


Not really, but depending on where you live there is a good chance you might find somebody locally who does case mods. This is a fairly simply cut out, glue down mod mesh procedure. About all you need to do this is a jigsaw or dremel with a cutting wheel. It would cost more to have the front panel modified by any of the professional case mod people than it would cost you to simply replace the case with one that has better airflow. You could literally buy the Fractal design Focus G. which has a full mesh front, for around 50 bucks. No way you'll get any reputable shop to mod your front panel for less than that.

I'd recommend you either do it yourself or find a "friend" locally with the tools to do it for you, or replace the case and sell the one you have now to somebody else.
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