Question Custum loop leaking at connection


Jul 28, 2019
Help a friend, please.
Just got a PC built from a reputable store, got it shipped, turned her on and alas, there is a leak at the connection to CPU block.
Contacted the store, it has a warranty, but it'll mean shipping it there (7 days), waiting for the new build (3 days) and return shipping to me (7 days).
Is there any way I can fix this myself without having to drain and dismantle it?

It leaks intermittently and seems to come from the inner ring where the hard tube goes in, so I assume an issue with the o ring?? I have hand-tightened it so it's snug but not over-tight.

Any advice is appreciated.
May 29, 2023
As for fixing it yourself without draining and dismantling, it might be a bit tricky. Since the leak seems to be coming from the inner ring where the hard tube goes in, there could indeed be an issue with the O-ring. You mentioned that you've hand-tightened it, which is good, but it's essential not to over-tighten it as that could cause other problems.

I would recommend reaching out to the store's support or customer service. They might have some suggestions or troubleshooting steps you can try to minimize the leak while you wait for the repair process. They could guide you on whether it's safe to use the system in the meantime or if there are any temporary fixes you can apply.