Cyber Black Friday - worth the wait?


Mar 7, 2008
I wish BF3 beta came out 1 month from now... would make my decision to buy right now or wait trivial...

I'm just wondering, because I've never really shopped on that specific date before, if it would be worth waiting the ~2 months or so before upgrading.

I've been using my trusty system (in signature) for almost 3 1/2 years now, and in the past 6 months alone I've had to reduce graphic details in many games more and more, understandably so.

BF3 has taken the "reduce graphics gradually" to a whole new level for me... more like destroyed all available eye candy and drop a resolution or two to get in my comfort zone of playability (45FPS+) I can get a solid 45FPS+... @ 1680x1050 with some things at low, doesn't look HORRIBLE, but running outside of native screen resolution (1920x1200) just looks wrong.

I'd be going for the usual setup these days; OC'ed 2500k, 8GBRAM & either single card 570+/6970+ or SLI'ed 560 Hawks / Xfire'ed 6950s. Nothing out of the ordinary.

For people who have shopped at that specific time in past years, what were your savings? 5%/10%/30%??? 10% I wouldn't wait... 30% seems really high, but you never know, and that would definitely make me wait and upgrade the cards or something...

Sure there's Ivy/Bulldozer/6xx/7xxx generations coming, and I wish some friggin benches would start showing up soon, but I can't wait forever anymore. My system might be incredibly stable... but it's getting sluggish.

Any input on this appreciated, thanks
Usually around that time I'll stay up to midnight as newegg and the like will have their black Friday prices available just past midnight if I've already decided to wait till then. In general though the sales aren't always as great as you are lead to believe. Getting individual parts along the way through newegg sales is usually how I do it, though there is the "I want it now" exception :p.