Discussion CyberPowerPC purchasing experiences?


Jan 30, 2014
I just purchased a computer from CyberPower on the 24th of May, Friday. It's been a week and a half and according to their status page on their website, my computer hasn't been worked on yet. Order authorized just a few days after the initial purchase as well. Perhaps I'm just eager for my new system and am being rather impatient. How many of you have purchased from CyberPower and how many of you ALSO had your PC take a while to be worked on? Just curious
Nov 16, 2019
NEED TO KNOW B4 Purchasing: CyberPower is set up for selling a great product … NOT REPAIRING IT!

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SHIPPING TIMES!!! In case you feel like this doesn’t matter because you got 3 day shipping included - look at next paragraph “REPAIRS...”

REPAIRS TAKE UP TO 6 WEEKS! Can you be without your pc for up to 6 weeks because you WILL be if your purchase from CP and need repair. If you happen to need PC repair months after buying your computer, like me, ... I already need a new mother board and it has been less than 6 months since I purchased. (I had to RETURN my pc TWICE because they damaged my case during repair. Thank God I took photos of my entire pc and sent them to myself via email before sending them the pc and so they were dated because THEY ASKED FOR THEM! They agreed to repair it AFTER getting the dated photos, but that was another SIX weeks shipping. I talked to supervisors but hey wouldn’t upgrade ANY of my shipping even though it was their fault!!! Yes it took me A TOTAL OF 12 WEEKS)

FULL RETURN SHIPPING $120.00 from where I live! That is UPS Ground for nearly 50lbs box included!!! Dimensions: 27”x25”x13.” (You will pay it all, as they pay nothing toward a returned product.)

NO EXTENDED WARRANTIES!!! (So basically, they don't believe in their product or stand by it for very long.) Yeah, that 1 year limited warranty isn’t an extended warranty and CP told me they don’t even offer extended warranties.

BUY THE PREMIUM 1 YR WARRANTY WITH 1 YR SHIPPING OPTION. Make sure it has the 1 yr shipping choice for $10 more well worth it if you have to return like me. Be aware, however, that this shipping takes up to 6 weeks.

KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX at least until your 1 yr warranty is up. Otherwise you are going to need to purchase the box with padding $$$ if you need to return the pc to CP plus $120 if you have to pay shipping. Gets frustrating, doesn’t it?

CP TECH SUPPORT IS A NIGHTMARE. In all fairness they are actually very nice while trying to fix problems with the pc. Well … until you challenge them, like about the six-week shipping time. Then they become extremely unkind. They won’t let you talk to previous reps that promised you things. I was told that rep would call me back in an hour, I waited over 2.5 and had to call back. Every time I called; I was told the rep was on another call. Then I was told he emailed me – which is the only way he seemed to want to communicate from that point on. I asked to talk to him again and they told me that he would get back to me in 48 hours. (you can’t make this stuff up!!!) They do everything to try to get you off the phone as quickly as possible, try to transfer the problem to a different department - another way to schluff you off, and eventually they transferred me back to the main phone menu after telling me the rep that I requested was finally available and they were transferring me to him. I am currently still on hold waiting listening to the beginning phone menu

I have loved my CyberPower pc up till now. The Motherboard IS defective – won’t connect to the internet, after not even 6 months and that doesn’t even bother me – I get it that stuff happens. . It is the total disregard for the customer after you need repair. They seriously lack basic customer service skills at this point. I realize from the reviews that I am in the minority having a defective product. Most people don’t have problems with their pc’s but if you do have a defective something, it really sucks. This company is set up for selling a great product … not repairing it. That part about them sucks. They told me to ship it to them but it was going to take up to 6 weeks, BOTH TIMES, without batting an eye, like I should be ok with this. I was very much NOT but what could I do, I complained and THEY DIDN’T CARE … IT IS THEIR POLICY … and going up the ranks wont’ help.