Aug 21, 2021
Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but i'll include it just in case. Yesterday I bought a cooling stand (I have a laptop) that plugs in via usb, and it all worked fine, no problems at all. I turned the pc off and went to sleep, but this morning after booting and logging in, there was just a black screen with the cursor and some popups that appear every time I turn the pc on.

I tried many things and after a while it suddenly came to life while watching a video on my phone, everything appears to be solved except for one thing, my D: Drive (1tb internal hard drive) was nowhere to be found. I checked Disk Management, Device Manager and even the BIOS and it just isn't there.

I looked around and the only "solution" I saw that I hadn't tried already was a guy having the same issue but that it suddenly reappeared after one of many reboots

Any ideas on what to do? Thanks in advance