Question D drive

Jun 25, 2019
My son bought a gaming PC it has 2 terabytes of space on the C drive but it does not appear to have a D drive. All of his apps seem to be running fine off of the C drive except for Ark, which happens to be the last game he downloaded. Ark continues to crash very frequently. Should he have a D drive? Is there something he can do to keep his PC from crashing constantly? He has not even used 1/3 of the space on the C drive. His brothers are also playing Ark on gaming PCs and they have considerably less storage space. Even with less storage space his brother's PCs are not crashing. Do you have any ideas why his PC is crashing so often when playing Ark? Is it because he does not have a D drive to put his games in? Thanks for your help.

PC Tailor

No problem, not what I was expecting but still gives me the idea of what I thought originally.
But for the record if you go to Start > type Disk management > Press enter > Screenshot the C drive that you see there.

In order to have a D drive, you would have had to have partitioned the drive, or have a completely seperate drive entirely.
Your 2TB is just one partition, your C drive.

Do you have a seperate drive installed?
The crashing is probably a different issue.