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Question D-Link DIR-819 Router vs TP-Link Archer C1200 Router (Black)?

Oct 16, 2019
I would like to buy a router for my home. The home has ground, 1st and 2nd floor. 1st fI will use broadband internet(RJ45). I will place my router in ground floor.
I need -
  1. Good wifi coverage
  2. Wall mounting
  3. 1 WAN + Min 2 Lan port(USB not mandatory)
My budget max INR 2500
Which router should I pick?
Any other recommendation?

- Arnab Kumar
from India
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They are both ok routers. More or less all modern routers have the same coverage. The power is government restricted and most devices put out near the maximum.

Your end device make much more difference since may do not put out maximum power so they can hear the router but the router can not hear them as well

The only real difference I can see between these two on wifi is the tplink device can run 2x2 mimo on the 5g band. Depending on your end device this may or may not be beneficial.

Most difference are in software. I would read the manuals before you buy them and see which you like the interface better.