Question D.O.C.P causing system not to boot successfully

Jan 12, 2022
I am pretty new to techs so plz bear with me if I did something stupid 😂.

My first question is will X.M.P supported memory works on an AMD motherboard when D.O.C.P is enabled? Like does it has to be specified it is D.O.C.P supported in order for it to work? If it is yes, then plz no need to continue to read my situation, I am a fool 🤣

I recently built a system and I didn’t tweak any settings except enabled PBO. But as soon as I enabled D.O.C.P, during the restart process, first of all, it seems the shutdown process was not normal, like it was forced and the Q-code on my motherboard show F9 , secondly, it would go into this reboot-shutdown cycle for 2 times and every time the Q-code is F9 before it shuts down.
it always boot in safe mode after the cycle. I will go into BIOS and turn off the D.O.C.P, then it would boot as normal again.

I looked up in the motherboard manual and it says F9 means recovery capsule is not found but I have no clue what it might indicate.
Does anyone know what the problem is?

the specs are
Ryzen 5900x
ROG Crosshair VIII dark hero
G.skill Trident Z 32GB DDR4 4000Mhz 15-16-16-36

Thank you 🙏
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Ryzen 5900x officially supports up to 3200MHz, that and what are considered fairly tight timings at 15-16-16-36 may be more than the IMC (Integrated Memory Controller) can handle.
As Ryzen are fairly picky with RAM you should check that your RAM have been tested and listed on the MB QVL.
Also I doubt there is an XMP or D.O.C.P profile for an easy Overclock to 4000Mhz so you will have to manually tweak Timings and DRAM voltage in Bios. Even then there is no guarantee you will achieve the rated frequency.

Check the MB QVL to see if the RAM kit P/N you have are listed.
Update your Bios and chipset.


3600 Mhz RAM is pretty much guaranteed to work. 3733 or 3800 Mhz is where most will top out. Something like 10% of 5000-series CPUs can do 4000 Mhz on the RAM. F-clock at 2000 Mhz. Even if you are a lucky one, who knows what timings you can run.
For Ryzen, you should have gotten 3600-3800 Mhz RAM. Anything over that is next to guaranteed NOT to work at rated speeds, and cost more.
You could try 3600 or 3800 Mhz with tight timings, like 14-14-14 across the board. It's not a total waste. But then you would have to be doing RAM overclocking, have all the tools to check stability and know what you are doing. Maybe you learn something. Everybody started somewhere.