D-SUB support 1080?


Feb 17, 2010
Hey there
I want to buy a HD LCD. But I'm very confused. I've few questions.

1) Does a LCD with D-Sub can't give me 1080 at PC? (Assuming that LCD had HDMI)?
2) I've 8800GT and it has 2 DVI ports but no HDMI. Can I get 1080 at my PC via DVI port?
3) If I connect LCD via DVI to HDMI converter, will it also transmit audio to LCD monitor?
4) If using D-SUB, will there any video quality loss at 1920 x 1080 compared to DVI?
5) What is contrast ratio? Which is better higher or lower?


Ok "HD" quality may seem like the best resolution but in actual fact most modern pc monitors have a higher resolution.

D-SUB is old technology but will allow you to out your pc at 1920 x 1080 resolution, however it will not allow HD video playback.

D-SUB does not carry audio

DVI or HDMI is your best choice, but DVI does not carry audio so you will need to use the audio out on the back of the motherboard.