Question D5400XS (SkullTrail) bios problem

May 4, 2019
Hello to the community.

i am finally building a retro PC (PC of my dreams as a kid).

The problem that i am facing is that my motherboard is not correctly posting (i think bios problem).
Probably someone can help me with this dinosaur :p.

The problem is like this:
  • if the bios jumper is between pin 1 and 2 (normal , default mode) i get a post with post code E6 (Started connecting drivers) Intel logo on monitor, press F2 for bios and right down 5A. Pressing any key, including F2, result in only a beep, nothing more.
  • if i move the jumper to pin 2 and 3 (configure) i get no post no beep no error, the only thing is post cod indicator change rapidly from 2 to 6, 8.
  • no jumper (recovery mode) the same as pin 2 and 3 (configure).
What i have done is changed processors xeon dual core / xeon quad core /core 2 extreme, changed ram, only 1 cpu, remove CMOS battery, and i have run out of ideas.
Any help is appreciated.
PS: Sorry for my bad english i am not a native english speaker :D

UPDATE: without GPU on pin 1 and 2 i get post code E9 (entering BIOS setup).
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