Question D7 error without any reason

Nov 1, 2019
Hi,im not speaking english that well,so ill be fast in explaining what happened.
Before 2 months i upgraded my old config.The parts are:

AB350M Pro4 - new
ryzen 3 1200 - new
2x4 kingston 2666 mhz - new
r9 270x - from my old pc
psu chieftec 650w bronze - from my old pc
new case
old ssd adata 128 gb
old hdd toshiba 1 tb

The pc was runinng perfectly fine,i did the normal stress tests after building a new pc,over night,everything was fine.
Last night i turned on my pc,opened firefox,then youtube , watched a video for 1 min and my pc suddenly crashed(blue screen but the one from win 10 , not the the darker screen of dead),when i tried to turn it back on,this happened:
( my keyboard lights up ,but its doest react on that screen)
then sometimes it loads windows but , with strange lines on the screen like a broken monitor.

Some times it starts loading into windows recovery then BAM- black screen.It even let me install windows again , and could even browse in windows for 10 seconds then again black screen.
I tried putting new ram,swtiching slots , same thing as on the image.
I tried removing hdd , same thing.
Tried removing and putting back cmos battery , same thing.

Today ill try another gpu and monitor,and lets see.
When i start the pc(as on the picture i posted) it blinked the(one the botterm left part of the screen) code : d7,sometimes a2,99.I tried removing peripherals(same error d7).
Sorry for my bad english.
Any ideas what the problem can be ? Thank in advance , have a nice day !
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