D975XBX2 Which Low Latency Memory to Buy? HELP!


Nov 16, 2006
Hi THG Users,
I am stupid and I need help. I just finished reading http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/04/09/toms_ultimate_ram_speed_tests/ and now I am more confused then ever. It seems memory clock cycles seem almost pointless. I need to buy new ram and I want to buy the fastest ram as possible which will work without causing stability issues. I am partical to Kingston, which is why Patriot, OCZ,Corsair, Geil, and Crucial are not listed.

Motherboard: Intel D975XBX2
CPU: Q6700 2.66 Ghz Quad Core
Memory: ?
Video BFG 8800 GT OC2

I don't think I fullying understand overclocking, I am not sure if overclocking the CPU or RAM requires you to over clock the other? Or if you can overclock just the ram or buy faster ram only and leave CPU alone without overclocking. I don't understand the big picture, so please help.

I am looking at three memory chips from Kingston. If someone could tell me if these chips will work and if the system will run stable, and of course faster when buying these chips as opposed to standard PC26400.

Standard DDR2-800 (Supported)
KVR800D2N5K2/2G 2GB 800MHz DDR2 Non-ECC CL5 DIMM (Kit of 2)

Kingston HyperX KHX6400D2LLK2/2GN 2GB 800MHz DDR2 Non-ECC
Low-Latency CL4 NVIDIA SLI-READY (Kit of 2) 4-4-4-12 2.0V

KHX6400D2ULK2/2G 2GB DDR2 800MHz Non-ECC
Ultra Low Latency CL3 (kit of 2 - 1GB) 3-3-3-10 2.3-2.35V

I would like to the the KHX6400D2ULK2/2G but I don't know if my motherboard with the CPU not overclocked will work or not? And most importantly will the system be 100% stable? Does anyone with an D975XBX2 have this ram installed?

Should I buy DDR2-1066 and overclock my memory bus? Will the board run at 1066 for the memory? and not for the CPU? Sorry I have a noob.

I am looking for the fastest RAM possible for this system, without overclocking the CPU.

Thanks for your help!