Question Daily struggles with booting/general usage of Gaming Rig


Oct 21, 2013
Hi all,

First of all, Happy new year!

Given its now 2020, its time i deal with my PC issue thats been causing a headache for months..

My specs:-
  • ASUS NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti Turbo (12GB)
  • AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-Core Processor 3.5GHZ
  • Team Group Vulcan T-Force 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-24000C16 3000MHz Dual Channel Kit - Grey (TLGD416G30
  • ASUS ROG STRIX 750W 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply
  • ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING (Socket AM4) DDR4 ATX Motherboard
  • ROG Strix XG27VQ Curved Gaming Monitor – 27 inch Full HD (1920x1080), 144Hz, Extreme Low Motion Blur(1ms MPRT), Adaptive-Sync(FreeSync™) - DUAL MONITOR
My current system has been smooth the last two years, however recently I upgraded from a GTX 970 GFX to the current 1080Ti Turbo (Purchased second hand).. it started off at times when turning on the PC, a beep code going off (1 long - 3 short : No VGA Detected), usually the issue was rectified by restarting.

Now, im still dealing with this issue. At times the PC actually boots (1 beep success) then moments after the 1 long - 3 short go off... and i have to restart, once maybe multiple times to successful boot to desktop.

Apart from that, at times when using the computer, i.e. spotify is playing im dealing with lag. Cursor movement is jagged and music/sound itself breaks. I've updated drivers, removed/readded and still problematic.

Finally, another weird issue is that at times when my PC has successfully booted, my screens flicker black, turn on again OR stutter/pixelate (not as common as the flickering).

Now, i've been looking for fixes, and whilst dealing with these issues i upgraded to my current mobo & psu, these issues still persisted.

My graphics card has been taken to the store it was purchased from, they believed it to be temp issues and they cleaned/reapplied thermal paste.. however it kept things in good form for a week and then back to same old issues....

I very recently re-installed a fresh copy of windows 10, and yet issues persist.

Im close to throwing the whole PC out a window due to stress.. but im keen to fix the issue.

I am torn between issue being CPU /or Graphics card related?? I do not think software, as i've reinstalled windows, installed only basic drivers required and updated those, yet still issues.. BIOS has also been updated to latest vers

Also noted, when pc tends to lag/screen flash when on desktop, both my GPU & CPU usage is through the roof hitting 99% at times, generally spiking back and forth, apps like Google Chrome or File Explorer, which might have only a single tab are hogging loads of CPU power upload logging in ?

I do not have many applications installed right now, these are downloaded from asus support site for my hardware/nvidia from card:-
AMD Software
Nvidia Graphics driver 432.00
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver

Any help, further clarifications would be really, really appreciated to try and solve this. Thank you
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