Damage My GPU


Jun 21, 2017
So recently I decided to start data mining on my PC for crypto currency. This in my opinion is very taxing on my GPU. I have a AMD R9 380 that has the MSI frozen fans or some. I have my PC on 24/7 btw. For about 15 hours, it's running the data mining and is at 99% usage and about at 65 Celsius and fans at 20%. For the rest of the time, I'm watching YouTube or playing games. What I want to know is wether this will damage my card or wear it down fast. Sorry if there are any weird words or phrases, im in phone.

PC Tailor

Jun 29, 2017
Mining itself won't damage your card directly, what will damage your card is inproper control or monitoring whilst mining. So leaving your computer mining 24/7 if it's running at a very high temperature will definitely hurt your card. AMDs are made to run at higher temperatures however.

You'd need to see what temperatures you are reaching whilst leaving it on. You need the rest of your case to be able to keep cool, a twin frozr set of fans alone won't keep temperatures down if the rest of your PC can't maintain cool air.

Additionally 24/7 usage will ultimately reduce the life span of your card as any electronic object would. More usage = more wear = more maintenance = shorter lifespan. But it's nothing to be overly worried about as long as you control it properly. However 24/7 may be a bit extreme.

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