Question Damaged usb 3.1 Port

May 27, 2021
Just got a pre-build from NZXT shipped in to me and I found a few basic errors (like one of the CPU cables not connected). One thing I was not expecting was damage to a usb port on the motherboard. It appears there is damage to not only the port, but also the cable connecting it to the case. Pics below

(Hope this is good enough. No experience with this forum for posting)

What is interesting is that the case got to me in excellent condition and everything appeared to be well protected. I currently suspect something to do with expanding foam, but I am not sure if it could be aggressive enough to force a cable to do this. I saw no other damage besides this. I literally just opened the case and have not turned it on.

Is this something fixable? Should I just attempt to deform the metal back into place and perhaps explore if I can get a replacement usb 3.1 connector since it appears the plastic was fractured?

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Pins appear to be undamaged. looks like one side of a type of clip was forced out, like it was pushed diagonally and the clip just moved open.

correction. appears to be usb 3.2 (or to the c type port on my case)
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I would return the entire build.

USB port is damaged and quite likely not repairable. Plus it appears to me that the motherboard is also damaged.

If all that got by QA (if there even was any) then who knows what all else may be damaged.

Anything you do could risk the warranty - just request an RMA.


It probably wasn't damaged from shipping but from assembler incompetence, a common feature of prebuilts and something generally left off the itemized specs.

Call NZXT and have them replace the PC; you're paying them a premium in part for service, so you might as well get the service. If you got raw chicken at a restaurant, you'd have them replace the dish, not head to their kitchen and cook it yourself.
May 27, 2021
Thank you for the advice. I definitly need to sleep on it.

I did a good once over, save checking each port...which I should, and everything else appears to be nominal.

Problems were
- CPU power cables were routed and plugged into the board in such a way that there was no way the assembler had both in at any time. Had to unplug, twist, replug in opposite order. Was not overly easy.
- XMP profiles not enabled (expected this)
- The USB 3.2 is damaged (seen in pictures)

I'm coming from Haswell, so I would be fine if they just give me money for the damaged parts (cable and motherboard port). Still have a USB C on the back if I need one. The rest of it is working so well (thus far) I am hesitant to risk a 6 day delivery journey, a tech, and 6 days back again. I would like to have confidence in a full RMA, but I'm just so happy to have the thing that I want to enjoy it a bit before maybe sending it crossed the US and back again. If the GPU gets damaged I know they don't have any extra stock to replace it....the main reason I went with a builder company in the first place was to get a GPU at near MSRP.

Going to give it a week or so. Just going to leave the port alone, unattached and out of the way. I just really needed a sounding board.

Thank you again