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Question Dark screen on Dell M6700

Apr 25, 2020
Hello all,
my Dell Precision M6700 has been misbehaving lately, sometimes waking up with a dark screen, fixable only via a reboot (I could log in remotely in that case).
But this morning, it won't boot. The screen stays dark even during the BIOS. The BIOS sequence hardly does anything, I see the disk LED flash for a second, the keyboard lights up if I touch it and that's about it. I'm pretty sure the computer doesn't do a correct boot sequence (I can't ping it).
I connected a VGA monitor and it gets a signal, but it says "wrong signal" or similar.

So, 1st question: is it more likely to be a graphic card failure or a monitor failure ? I'd think the former, otherwise I'd see something on the external monitor, right ?

2nd question: I know how to take apart computers so if it's the card I'm not afraid to replace it but I don't know the reference. If I purchase another compatible graphic card, what kind of card should it be ?

3rd dumb question: How do I find the serial and or tag number of my computer ? The sticker underneath is worn out and unreadable and I can't read it. And I can't remember my account at Dell (haven't used it since I bought it!)... Can't access my files or email archives and my backup is at work (and I can't currently go there...)

Thanks for any answer