Dark souls for PC?


Jun 1, 2012
Hey guys, my friend has lately been really pushing me to get Dark Souls for my PC, he runs it on PS3 and says its one of his favorite games. Now idk I watched him play it for a few minutes and experienced some of the most unbalanced graphics I have ever seen and just generally weird gameplay mechanics, I didnt really understand it too well. I also just saw a small review on techspot saying it is 'one of the worst PC ports of all time'...
Now I have two 7970s in crossfire and bad ports absolutely hate two video cards (like alot), of course I could most likely run it on ultra on a single card no problem...
But just curious if anyone has any advice, is it that good of a game? How bad of a port really is it?


Dec 9, 2008

worst PC ports = still better than ps3 and 360 version

it got the title worst PC port because at the beginning it has lock to 30fps(steady) and lock in resolution at 720p, but now you can run it with 60fps and any resolution you want and it also have high res textures mods available. and also native xbox support.

the irony is that even at the beginning with the 30fps lock and resolution lock it was still better than console because both ps3 and 360 version run Dark Souls with 15-30fps and subHD - 1024x720.


Nov 28, 2012
Never heard of it before:
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Souls

The Japanese market is notorious for these 'Action Role Playing Games'.
- I find the idea somewhat disturbing personally, much like DOTA2 and some of the 'mods/game modes' for Warcraft 3.

While it's not my cup of tea I guess I can understand why people play them...
.... wow (above), doesn't sound like it was well coded for consoles either.

I'm waiting for Doom 4 personally, Quake just got weird after the 2nd one (and even the 2nd one was a bit too different to the first to be part of the same series IMHO).

Doom 4... and Half-Life 3.

The idea of experience points in a game is dangerous, it encourages addictive team behaviors.
- e.g. Everyone in the group needs to be within +/- 10% of each other, which breaks the very idea of a team IMHO.
- e.g. In ARMA II/III if one or two players are very casual and some are hardcore they still all have the same running speed, hitpoints, reload time, etc.


Apr 18, 2011
The Dark Souls PC port has a community patch to increase the internal resolution to 1080. This patch makes it the best looking version of the game in existence. The only complaint anyone can really make against the PC port after all the community and official patches are applied, is that the keyboard controls are not very intuitive and that the game should be played with a controller at all times.

Simply put, the PC version of the game is the best version of the game and comes with the DLC already intact. Add to that the fact that it's already gone on sale for as low as 14.99, and it's ahead of the console versions by a mile and a half.

As far as how good of a game it is, it's one of the best grim fantasy games ever made. You could easily argue it to be the best in this category. It's fun, with challenge to match its reputation and quite honestly it's just a great game. I'm reluctant to give in to hype machines, but Dark Souls is just a solid concept that has been properly realized. I'm very anxious to see the sequel since rumors are that it is getting specific PC development alongside the console version, as opposed to being another port.


Oct 25, 2012
^ Couldn't have said it better myself.
It looks awesome on PC (have it on both PC and PS3) and i started a new game even after having 100+hours played on PS3.
The game Was my favorite game. (after 200+ hours played i got a bit bored of it, but i suspect that im continuing the game sooner or later)
It's prequal (Demon Souls) is also highly recommended, but not needed to play Dark Souls.
I tried playing with keyboard and mouse on my PC, but i switched to my PS3 controller quite fast. It was just not as comfortable to play that way.


Dec 11, 2012
Dark Souls an an amazing title, the pc port did get bad reviews because of the controller scheme but that is fixed with a wireless controller.

I own the xbox version and my friend as well has been trying to get me to purchase it because he wants to own me up in the pvp lol

As far as mechanics go it is a game that gamers should play to challenge themselves. I have learned that this game is one of a kind in it's own right and the monster/bossfights are all unique in how you approach a situation.

The flow of the game is rather fluid and even grinding out, if your that kind of player, doesn't seem like a chore or "uuuuuggghhhh".

I highly recommend this title to any gamer that wants a challenge.