DATA (D:) on Packard Bell imedia S3810


Jul 16, 2011
[fixed]My Windows 7 PC has the following drives:[/fixed]

[fixed]The DATA (D:) drive appears not to be a recovery partition, although it may be something to do with recovery. I have a utility called Packard Bell Recovery Management and have burnt a set of 3 recovery DVDs. The help file for Packard Bell Recovery Management says "Packard Bell Recovery Management requires a specific hard disk partitioning structure to function. If the system detects that the hard disk does not use this structure, Packard Bell Recovery Management will be disabled." The same help file also says "If you restore the system from DVD to the original hard disk without any re-configuration, the hidden partition will be retained. If you recover on a brand new hard disk instead of the old one, the Packard Bell Recovery Management partition will no longer exist. The backup discs created by Packard Bell Recovery Management will work better with the optical drive that came with your machine. They may not work as well in other optical drives." My D Drive contains the following directories, there are no files I can access other than the DLLs shown, "System Volume Information" says "Access is Denied" and all the directories inside "$RECYCLE.BIN" are either empty or say "Access is Denied", even as an administrator:[/fixed]

[fixed]The D Drive is almost all free space, so is it possible to shrink D and expand C, or even delete D and expand C, without affecting Packard Bell Recovery Management?[/fixed]

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You have two hard drives - each of 500Gb. Is the F: drive not big enough? As the PB write-up says, that Partition of theirs is crucial even to restore from the DVD set you made.

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