Data drive overwritten by mobo?


May 31, 2012
I've had something happen to me twice and I'm floored.

I built a computer about a year ago. Installed Windows Vista on my C: drive. Installation failed during update installation so had to reinstall again Windows again. Second time worked. Once I had everything up and running, connected my data D: drive to the mobo and the entire D: drive was replaced with a copy of the first installation of Windows.

Arrgh. Good thing I had it backed up.

Fast forward a year. I install a new SSD in C:, install Windows Vista again, get all the updates uploaded, connect my D: drive and guess what happened? Yup, everything in the D: drive gets replaced with an exact copy of my old C: drive (the one that the SSD replaced).

What I'm I missing here? Is my mobo haunted? Something I need to change in the BIOS to keep this from happening again.

This is a great mystery in my life. Any help would be appreciated.