Question Data Recovery after re-Imaged


Jan 1, 2015
Here is the scoop, General manager saved everything on his desktop when it was a windows 7 workstation. After a poor miscommunication the workstation was formatted and imaged to windows 10.

If we can recover anything at all we are trying to get anything and everything from The old windows 7, C:\USERS\USERNAME\DESKTOP file path.

This is also a laptop Solid State drive if that makes any difference.

So far we have isolated the laptop and took it away from further use so no more data can be over written.

I attempted using Piriform's Recuva tool. Unfortunately no luck. not sure if I am searching wrong or what. Recuva Finds 457XXXX amount of files but displays nothing because they don't match my search.

Any Help, Suggestions greatly appreciated.


The fact that it is an SSD makes this insanely hard, especially since SSDs support TRIM and Windows 10 will have it on by default. What that does is it will automatically clean out "free space" as Windows doesn't delete files right away it just marks the area of the drive as free space so it can be written to again.

You can attempt to try using this tool:

Its a bit more in depth than Recuva, which is also a good program, but I fear you wont get much back if anything at all. My attempts to recover on an SSD has been pretty much met with failure.

Also you might have to just recover everything found and sift trough it as file information may have been lost, such as it no longer knows what the storage location was such as c:\user\user\desktop.
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