Question Data recovery from 2TB Hdd


Jul 16, 2019
I bought an ssd for my build because I wanted to speed up things since I only had an hdd.

My hdd had two partitions (roughly 1TB each), one where I had the OS and one where I had all of my games, programs, important files etc.

When installing W10 on my ssd, I wanted to keep my partition with all of the important stuff and format the partition with the old OS on it.
I screwed up and deleted everything from my hdd.

I did not write anything on that hdd and I tried to recover my files but unfortunately none of the programs that I tried really helped.
Recuva only recovered a small part of my stuff and overall it was a mess.
EaseUS found everything that I had but it got stuck 4 times at the end of the scan.
Currently trying R-Undelete.

Is there anything that I can do? I'm sure that drive isn't damaged because it work flawlessly since I bought it.
Should I bring the drive to a local shop?