Question Data recovery from "fried" hard drives

May 12, 2020
My system has two DVD/RW drives, 3 HDD, and 1 SSD. I had installed a new PSU not knowing modular SATA power cables are not interchangeabe. System wouldn't boot, I smell electrical burning, see sparks or a flame, and quickly shut off the surge protector. After the smoke clears, the SSD and two optical drives are recognized in BIOS and functioning. One of the HDD is obviously burned with the drive tray melting onto the circuit board. The other two HDD have no obvious damage that I can see, and are not seen in BIOS. Should I assume those two HDDs are dead as well, or is there any chance data could be recovered. Is there any chance they could still be functional? I did try plugging the drives into different ports on the motherboard to rule out motherboard damage.