data recovery on an exfat drive


Feb 22, 2014
I had a 5tb drive full of stuff, in exfat I think, not really important enough to keep a backup of- I transfered this data to a new exfat drive and sold the old drive, formatting it as ntfs before sending it off, the new drive with all the data on one day just randomly is empty and reports as ntfs instead of exfat, being an external hard drive could it have suffered a knock or a power out?

I got back the original drive and i'm currently running test disk on it, but i think at this rate it will take a week solid to complete
i'm also running data rescue 4 on the new drive hooked up to a mac, the only recovery software i have a paid license for- but I suppose I would pay for software that can do something that data rescue 4 cant handle

since the new drive just randomly stopped showing data, and the old drive was quick formatted and not touched since, are my chances of recovery fairly good?
Jan 15, 2019
Yes, there are 99.9% chances of data recovery on your formatted drive. As you stated that your drive is untouched since it was formatted so there is no point of overwriting of data in that drive. All you need a data recovery software which can perform data recovery on a corrupted or formatted drive. I will suggest you to try Stellar Data Recovery or Ease Us Data Recovery software as they both are good, reliable & safe. They recover data from corrupted or formatted drive & even from lost partitions. You can check Stellar Data Recovery Premium software also as this software comes with an option for creating disk image or disk clone for faster & better data recovery and can also repair corrupt photos or videos.