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Dec 31, 2007
Hi, everyone.
W98SE decided to take a detour and it wants to take my data with it. I have/had a drive 20GB that was partitioned in 700 Mb for OS and the rest for the Programs. After I installed "Windiff" from the W98SE CD my system lost "" and later after I tried to regenerate the Partition with Ghost, I had it saved, some pointers must have been wrong because after that I ended up with just one partition/logical drive. Before I had C: as the OS and D: for programs, now it's only C: and I see none of my files that were on D:
I want to recover some of my files before I reinstall.
Do any of you know of a utility that would be able to "Read Tracks" or do a low level recovery, at binary/hex level. I know that some of the old/DOS Norton used to do it, but I am not sure if it still does.
If any of you what and where I could get something similar I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. T.V.


May 17, 2001
theres a program called lost & found from powerquest, I used this and recovered most of the data off a partition that had been fdisked/formatted, you do need a seperate drive to recover to, in the meantime dont write to this drive.
If you cant find the program, mail me and I'll see if I can offer some assistance :)

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