Data Recovery

My two cents:

First, don't use a partition tool on the disk again, until you have recovered the data.
Second, if the above attempts fail, you have a lot of money, and the data is really critical to you, a professional service would probably be able to recover it. But we're talking a few thousand dollars.
Third, from now on do backups. ;)


Jan 22, 2011
I'll second Partition Find and Mount it's a good way to determine if a partition is recoverable I would try that first. If it works then look into Testdisk to do the actual partition recovery.

Data recovery may cost thousands of dollars if there is a phsical problem with the drive. In your case your drive appears to be physically fine but is suffering what's termed a logical failure. Logical failure recovery is much less expensive to perform as it's all done using software methods and can sometimes be done yourself for free.

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