Dayz and Fallout New vegas periodic freezing.


Jul 20, 2012
On both games it freezes every 5 seconds for 2-3 seconds. Also, I tried doing benchmarking with Heaven DX11 and it didnt freeze on there. It also doesn't freeze when i Play Just cause 2. I have an m17x R3 and my specs are 8gb ram i7 2860qm 2.5ghz 8 cpus and a 2gb 6990 GDDR5. Please help :(

(What my cpu is like when playing DayZ and Arma 2)

can you obtain a monitoring program like hwinfo or hwmonitor (or anything else similar by your preference)
and obtain the following information while playing Arma and FO.NV:

- GPU and CPU temperatures, especially maximums
- GPU and CPU utilization, in %
- GPU clock rates, maximums

Besides those, look into the following:
- do you have the latest drivers from AMD website for your GPU? if not, go get them
- do you have power settings in windows set to best performance?
- what about power settings in CCC?
- Is your harddrive being read excessively during the time when lag occurs? (you can check this in the resource monitor)
- Do you have any background programs that are running at the same time that could be taking up your HDD or CPU time? if you're not sure you can try gamebooster

Lastly, were these games always running like that or did it only start happening recently?
if it was always like that, what settings are you running the games on?
if it happened recently, do you recall installing any new software or hardware on your laptop? how about physical damage, didn't drop it anywhere?

Alex The PC Gamer

Oct 24, 2007

If it were the game then

1 - We wouldn't be able to help you

2 - We'd experience the same problem (which we're not).

Antizig in on the right track here...might want to listen wisely...if it were a desktop...i'd say drivers!!!...but laptop and cooling is go through antizig's formula.