Question DBAN couldnt stop a virus, What do i do now?

Sep 30, 2020
A while back i plugged in an old HDD into my new PC and a virus that was on it spread to both my SSD and my HDD and it wont even let me boot up with out blue screening.
I tried system recovery but it somehow doesnt allow it, i tried the CMD wipe but it forces a blue screen during that (it worked for my SSD), I tried wiping the hard drive and SSD with DBAN and other alternatives but every time they got to around 4-5% hundreds of lines of code would come up, covering DBAN and stopping it from running. Ive even sanitized my SSD using BIOS and reinstalled windows from a bootable USB but every time it got to the finalising stage it would blue screen automatically. At this point theres no way that its not hiding in some form of hidden files that both the sanitise and the CMD wipe couldnt erase. Any possible solutions?