Question DC-in port replacement


Nov 19, 2012
Hello there,

I've got myself into a little trouble here. You see, my laptop (Lenovo Y50-70 not a touchy touchy) decided to not charge himself and I'm not a big fan of this kind of behavior. As from my perspective, it seems that cable suffered some sort of damage. What I figured out, the cables coming out of the port are not right. One of them is broken. As I recall, sequence goes black(broken) - red - blue - red - black. And all other wires are sharply bent.

Now, the question is: should I try to repair myself, or should I get a replacement for it ? I have to mention, that I'm kind a clumsy in a way that I'm afraid to screw up my laptop.

So, If I decide to get a replacement for it, which parts can be used for it? I know that my laptops dc-in port is DC30100RB00, but it will take more than a month to arrive. Is there any alternatives? Using G series cables or Y touch version cables?

And should I consider going for a soldering? Because it feels like a huge risk. The cable snapped in the way that there is not much cable left and it might cause other disturbances.

Also, when I took apart my precious I noticed that the port is a bit flimsy. Is there any known solutions to fix this? I mean, I understand that is should have some softness, to absorb some disturbances, but, I don't like to take it apart once again to just change dc-in port again

Thank you for reading this text and I hope you will have a wonderful day.


P.s. Sorry. No pictures. A bit lazy unscrewing that thing again.
P.p.s. Maybe some tips and tricks how to do it quickly and safely?