Question DCOM Terminated

Mar 10, 2019
I have an issue with my laptop with Windows 7 OS. My issue is everytime i boot up my laptop, there always system repair option before windows logo apears. I have been run the system repair but the system repair cant fix it, so that option still there when i boot up. When i try to boot windows normaly, the boot came with long time than usual and then bring me to my desktop finally. But now almost all of my program start crashing, even windows services called DCOM start to terminating. I already try the clean boot with just windows services running but still the problem exist. I thought its kind of malware or viruses with my laptop and i want to reinstall my OS. My problem is, i argue that reinstalling can fix the viruses/malware because i have read in some article that states "viruses can still in our system even we reinstalling the Windows". Is that states is true? Or my argument is wrong? Please help me understand this confusing thing.

Math Geek

rarely does a virus survive a windows install. it would have to get off the hdd and into BIOS or hide in your RAM to stay there. very few do this and you are unlikely to get any of those types.

an option you can try to fix the issue is to run system file checker. here's how to do it. run this after booting into Safe Mode for best results

in simple terms, open an admin command prompt and type in "sfc /scannow" it will check all your system files and replace any that are corrupt, missing or damaged. usually it wants you to have the install files handy so be sure you have your install disk/usb ready to go in case it asks for it. it may need it to get a good copy of a file it wants to fix

this won't fix every problem but often it can remedy a few rouge system files