Question DD 5.1 Windows 10 to Creative DTT 2500 possible?


Nov 29, 2017
Good morning, let's see if I can clarify the doubt I have, when it comes to get 5.1 audio in video games. I have the following components:
External Amplifier Creative Dtt 2500 (if year 1998 xD):
Sound Card: Asus Xonar DGX 5.1 (year 2012): Xonar DGX Audio cards | ASUS Spain The amplifier only has 1 SPDIF input in this case Coaxial, and the sound card has only optical SPDIF output, so it can not connect Doubt with 5.1 DD audio and external amplifier, so it is always connected, to Through the 3.5mm minijack (front output of the Sound Card to the front input of the amplifier and rear output of the Sound Card to the rear input of the amplifier). With this, I think I'm getting an emulated or virtual 5.1 sound, since the output signal from Asus sends it without compressing PCM and I understand it is the card that makes the emulation, apart from that I think the DGX does not have DDL or DTS connect to click to see the status of the coding system of the send signal to the receiver or amplifier.

Now comes the question!! -> what do you recommend me to do? buy new sound card and buy new conversor optical to coaxial, models?Will I be condemned to continue as I am with the 5.1 sound emulated? Thank you very much for your answers
Surround only works through a DIGITAL interconnect. But your case is extremely simple, buy an adapter like THIS.

But before u spend the money, make sure this Creative box can at least do Dolby Digital and DTS. If all it can do is Dolby Prologic (fake surround) dump that sucker.