Question DDR2 vs DDR3

Oct 18, 2021
Hello everyone, I Want to buy a new laptop for Normal gaming and Trading purposes. I do not have so much knowledge about PC and Laptops, so I visited one of my friend's shops, he is too good in technology as well, he suggested me some Laptops:

1: HP 15s-GR0011AU Laptop
2: DELL Inspiron Ryzen 3 Dual Core 3250U
3: Dell Vostro 3501
4: Acer Aspire 5 Core i5 11th Gen

and he told me to buy a laptop with the SSD hard disk and with the DDR3/DDR4 Ram (For Speed), so please suggest to me which one is best for me, and does RAM matter for the Speed?


You're better off parsing links to the laptops you've looked at, at the very least, an SKU to the above laptops will help us identify the specs of said laptops since a laptop isn't built with just a processor, SSD and ram, rather a multitude of components.

To add, you will also need to mention the app's as well as the titles you wish to game on the laptop or at the very least tax the laptop so we can get an understanding of what you need in terms of power from the laptop.


List a link to each of the proposed units.
The ssd recommendation is good.

All the units listed look like current gen products. Performance should not be an issue.
DDR3 is obsolete. You will have DDR4 ram in any of them.
The key is to get sufficient ram. 16gb should be what you need.
I doubt that any of those will have discrete graphics chips(more expensive) required for fast action gaming.

Go visit the shops and try out the offerings.
Often the feel will be different, and the displays will look different.