[SOLVED] DDR3 overclocking issues

I have issues with overclocking my ram.
Basicly if i do higher speed than intended lets say 2100MHz to 2400Mhz (From stock 1866), my PC would boot loop instantly upon saving, which i get as failed oc.
No memOK will show up, just goes straight trought the Q codes to around 50~ and restarts itself.
To fix that either cmos reset or hold memOK button will do the trick.

If i overclock from stock 1866 to 2100MHz it would save and boot up normally.
Tested with HCK and Intel Burn test (10 passes).

I've used 1.650V, released timings from 10-11-10-30 2T to 12-12-12-36 1T and still happens with LLC on ram.
I have not touched any other voltages.
And yes if i oced to 2100MHz which is stable at 11-11-11-33 1T i gain fps boost of 10fps on most of games.

Soo in short, why does the motherboard boot loop? Are there any other settings to improve or?
Also to note: Sometimes it would show Q code 55 and i have to use 1 stick and reseat to every slot until it start to boot again and then i can plug the last stick.

CPU- Xeon E3-1225v3
Motherboard- Asus Maximus Hero VII (latest bios)
Ram- Kingston HyperX fury black 1866 10-11-10-30 2T (by stock)
GPU-R9 280 Dual-X
PSU-Delta TDPS - 650BB A 650W server class PSU
Storage-1TB P300 Toshiba, 500GB WD blue.


Nov 29, 2015
LOL. Are you actually seeing 10 FPS just from jumping from 1866 to 2100? That sounds high. It's one thing to go from 1333 to over 2133 but 1866 to that would typically yield much less increase.

If you've got 1866 memory and can achieve 2133 stable, and have that kind of gain, you've won.

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