Question DDR3L RAM died after 1.5 years


Aug 22, 2013
I bought a new 4GB 1.5 years ago for my laptop (K55VJ an Ivy-bridge core i7 with HM77) and because of available stocks I got a DDR3L RAM with similar specs with the old ram (Samsung 4GB PC3-12800S-11) that I mixed it with (the old one is DDR3 while new one is DDR3L). After installing it, all was working fine, but recently the Laptop stopped booting (not even the BIOS screen). After removing the newer RAM it started to boot again and working. I even tried the new ram alone but it didn't boot again.
So the new RAM is dead, right? Why this happened even though both were Samsung and the old one is still working more than 9 years? I even checked the newer RAM specs at Samsung and it was mentioned there that it's compatible with DDR3.
I need to know this because DDR3 (1.5v) RAMs are hard to find and I don't want another short living DDR3L RAM.

Picture of the newer (and possibly dead) RAM