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Build Advice DDR400 Pentium PC Upgrade

Nov 13, 2019
Hi everybody, you see, i come from a public school and lessons lately became a little bit old (not enough funds and lessons were getting a extended version since there was a really short amount of those), so me and my teacher asked for a permission to teach new courses, and we got it, i made a new fund), right now we are working on the bussiness projects with the students because there's a schedule that we can't skip, and then we will close the year with Arduino lessons, so we are trying to improve the class itself including drones before March 2020, and we need help:

Approximate Purchase Date: 1~2 months from here

Budget Range: Not estimated yet

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Arduino, PCB Design, Office 2010, etc. (note: Some students even tried to do VR but i am not sure if it worked, i highly doubt)

Are you buying a monitor: No, unless is required

Parts: Pentium 4/D, Celeron D, no graphic cards installed/unknown to this point, most of them are PCChips p23g or p17g motherboard, Windows 10/7 (Lite/Original DVD Versions), XP (Professional) installed. DDR400 RAM.

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: None

Location: Lima, Peru

Overclocking: Not sure

Your Monitor Resolution: 800×600 and1024x768 (there are like 10 computers and lots of monitors)

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: Teaching, we need to use Autocad Electrical (i am not sure what version i could use) to make electrical house plans.


Here is the hardware requirements:

Sorry, you should consider to buy the whole new PC, if you get the budget, the Pentium 4 +DDR memory PC, which is very old computer hardware. you can't use more than 4GB RAM on that PC. If you use less memory, I don't know how well the software will run in your old PC, because you can get the free student version Autocad Electrical , so may try it out first in other computer, then thinking about your project again.