Question DDR5 RAM for 13700k or 13900k on a Z790 Mainboard

Dec 2, 2022

i am looking for the best RAM 32GB Kit for my money.

I have ordered the following RAM CMT32GX5M2X6000C36 (Dominator 6000 CL36 with 1.25V) and i am interessted if i should return it and buy another like with higher Speed or another with lower CL.
I noticed that most of the RAM Kits then would have higher Voltage on the RAM like 1.35V-1.45V. Does it matter for stability?

I would like to spend max 350€ for the 32GB Kit, what do you think is the best choise for having maximum FPS in Games for the Price?

BR, Sven


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Cosnidering you have Dominators, try and see if you can tighten the timings on your existing kit of ram. Before doing so, make sure you're on the latest BIOS version for your motherboard.
The last time I did this I quickly found out the motherboard more than the memory units seem to affect the ability to overclock memory timings. I was doing this back when I had a couple very similar machines and was swapping parts around. It also seems that certain brands of memory (or more the memory chip manufacture) work better on certain boards than others. This got way to complex way to started getting into the date stuff was manufactures because they had changed the parts.

In the end other than having something to play around with it made no difference in real life results. Memory tuning seems to make the least difference compare to say cpu and gpu.

Be very careful about the benchmarks you see. First the actual game you play makes a huge difference. Next a lot of the stuff is just silly. They test on 1080p with some of the video setting lower. This is because many games quickly get GPU bound.
The benchmarks then show stupid numbers like changing memory the fps go from say 500fps to 502fps. But is someone who can spend a extra $100 for high end memory going to game on a $50 1080p monitor.

Have fun playing around with the setting but you likely will not actually be able to see any difference when you play games at higher settings. The improvement is so small that you can only see the difference with some tool that displays the number on the screen.