Question DDR5 RAM Kits


Feb 22, 2016

I have a quick question regarding DDR5 RAM kits. I changed motherboards from a ASUS to ASROCK and while I was at it I went ahead and bought 32gb of DDR5 RAM to bring the total RAM to 64gb. I made sure to buy the EXACT model of ram that I bought before using the model number ( CMK32GX5M2B5600C36 for those of you wondering). I put all the ram in and booted it up and couldn't get through a fresh install of win 10 with all four sticks in. I had to just use my old 32gb kit to get through it and can't even have them all in when running just windows.

My question is, do I have a bad ram stick orrrrr, do I have to buy the 4x16 as kit in order to do the 64gb of DDR5 RAM?
You could have a bad stick. Trial and error to find out.

Or you could have compatibility issues.

Identical model numbers doesn't mean a whole lot.

Best idea if you want fully compatible 64 is to buy a kit of 2 sticks.....32 gb per stick.

Budget may prevent you from doing that, in which case you can fiddle with what you have in an attempt to get the current 64 running one way or another at some speed or another. Could be frustrating and maybe at some point you give up and buy all new.....or maybe decide you don't need 64. Personal decision on how you evaluate all of that.