Question Dead? Asus 1060 gb turbo/Missing info and no output

Jun 29, 2019
got this 1060 for free and had problems with it showing up in device manager but after uninstalling drivers it showed up and i did a bios flash and it gave some more info but not all of the info like normal and drivers can mess with the info as well

when drivers are installed the boost ,mem type and bios version are not there and revision turns to FF
but it is fixed by putting "nvflash --version" in the nvflash command prompt
i feel like the bios chip or something is just dead or the bios rom is corrupt (it was a mining card that had a mining bios on it {somthing related to a P106 driver i think or some
manli gtx 1060 6gb} so i have no origanial rom file for this card)

also if anyone has a bios for this card then plz send i have tried a few from tech power up but same results as shown

also even in basic adapter mode the card dos not display at all and will show no signal for a bit then show a black screen followed by what i think is it booting to windows but i cant tell (cause no display DUH)