Question dead GPU or PCIe slot ?

Aug 11, 2019
i need some help to know what happened to my pc . so basically i upgraded my pc before 3 or 4 month ago except my GPU GTX 980TI so everything was working fine . the problem happened to me i was playing a game and i left my room for 5 min i came back both of my screens was black and there is smell like something is burnt so i tried to turn on the pc everything was running but the gpu is not working and the fans is not spanning.

So i tried to plug another gpu in the same PCIe same thing fan not spanning and no signal the RGB was working so i tried to plug the new gpu in another PCIe slot and it worked and everything was fine so i took the new GPU away and plugged in the old GPU in the 2nd PCIe that was working . same problem there is no signal and the fans is not spanning so again i removed my old GPU was plugged in the 2nd PCIe and i tried to plug the new GPU that worked for me in the 2nd PCIe 2 min ago.

So after i tried that the 2nd PCIe is not working anymore with both GPU + i tried to use WIFI card same thing it's not working .

oh yeah and i have tried to test my old GPU 980TI in another PC . that PC refuse to fire up at all
so I want to know what happened to my pc what cause the problem. is my other parts safe?
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