Feb 19, 2014
So out of nowhere, whilst gaming my monitors showed some artifacts, I freaked the <Mod Edit> out, the screen froze for like 20 seconds but felt like 2 minutes, then the PC crashed and tried to reboot, but it was stuck on a black screen. This kept on happening as long as the GPU was installed (before reseating it) so I tried getting in by just putting in a hdmi to the mobo, didn't work, until I reseated the gpu, so ok fine, that works so the issue is with the GPU.

So I installed the GPU again, now atleast I can see the bios and it sort of posts but then it crashes just as it gets into windows and forces a reboot until I get an automatic repair.

Been at this for 2 hours now and I can't wrap my head around it and don't really want to accept that my GPU is fried after a healthy 3 ½ years (go figure warranty is 36 months and not 40)

What else can I try other than going along with the automatic reparation that didn't really do anything but just loops basically.
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