Question Dead HDD - probable overheating

Apr 30, 2021
One day I turned on my Windows 10 PC in a very hot room (nearly 40° C =~100 F) and started copying lots of files between my internal SATA disks. Later that day one of the drives disappeared from the system. It was 4 Tb WD40EZRX Green. Now it's not visible in any of the PCs I put it in, either in disk partition programs or BIOS. Attached are the sounds this disk makes on system boot. To me it doesn't exactly sound like a click of death but I'm not sure. Another recording is of mostly similar 3 Tb WD disk that I happen to have. By the way the system booting with the bad disk takes exactly 1.5 times longer than with the good disk on the same bus. I don't know if it means anything.
By pure chance there is a complete archive of disk contents made about a year ago. Probably some files are missing but not yet the time for the repair shop. I am just curious if it's possible to access this disk using some simple tricks. It's possible to get the same working disk manufactured about the same time. Is it worth trying to swap the PCB?
Bad HDD sound during boot
Healthy HDD sound during boot