Question Dead i7-3770 ?

May 15, 2021
Hello everyone, i was wondering how did i end up killing my cpu by installing a new ssd?
At first my pc is working perfectly fine. I bought a new ssd and try installing a new windows os on it, but my pc won't boot with the ssd installed. When i tried to boot my pc without the ssd, my pc turns on but it is stuck in a boot loop with no signal displaying on my monitor. Even the keyboard and mouse won't light up but the rgb fans do.

What i've tried so far:
  • breadboarding the system with the cpu and ram only.
  • swapping ram's slot, trying only one at a time.
  • swapping a different psu.
  • booting with and without the gpu.
  • cleaning the rams with an eraser, and the slots as well.
  • reseating the cpu ( as a last resort, even though i've no idea how this is related to my issues ).
What makes me think it's the cpu:
  • tried booting without any ram installed, there's a beep from the motherboard speaker.
  • tried the cpu on my friend's pc ( he got i5-3470 ) and my i7-3770 doesn't work. PC boots up but with no display.
I really am confused how the hell did i brick it ? I'm so depressed right now as this happened to me last year as well, with a different i7-3770.

Pc specs:
  • cpu - i7-3770
  • motherboard - foxconn h61mxe-k
  • ram - 16gb (2x8gb) ddr3 1600mhz (kingston)
  • hdd - 1tb western digital green
  • gpu - rx 570 overclocked ( 1400mhz at 1110mv )
  • psu - superflower 600w
  • case - deepcool maccube 110
  • monitor - acer r231
May 15, 2021
If you tried a different cpu, it may be the motherboard.
Have you tried it with a different LGA 1155 motherboard?
As stated above i did tried putting my cpu to my friend's motherboard. And it shows the same predicament as it did on my pc's.

I don't want to put his cpu on my motherboard as i may end up bricking it too as i have experienced bricking my old i7 cpu with my own faulty motherboard.



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