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[SOLVED] Dead memory channel? Z590


Jun 25, 2019
Quick specs:
11700k /z590e Strix motherboard/ Corsair vengeance RGB 3600mhz 4x8gb/ rtx 3070/ Corsair 750w

I'm having this very strange issue so I'm gonna go in order:

1.) Set up PC with Mishkin memory that I had for the last year or two, it's not on the QVL. I kept getting crashes with XMP enabled.
2.) bought the Corsair memory thinking it was a compatibility issue, crashes continued and now with bluescreens stating memory_management
3.) PC stuck in boot loop, changed out power supplies and boot loop continued, swapped back again.
4.) Started doing memtest86
5.) With XMP enabled slots 1 and 3 spit out errors with all memory sticks, slots 2 and 4 do not have errors with XMP enabled
6.) pulled out CPU and reseated, checked for bent pins
7.)went back to memtest, slots 1 and 3 now work without errors however XMP must be disabled in order to not get errors.

Closing problem: With XMP enabled, both XMP1 and XMP2, I continue to experience crashing and errors with dims 1 and 3 occupied. Dims 2 and 4 experience no issues with XMP enabled. With XMP disabled, all dimms and slots function properly without crashes or errors.

Same results above with the Mishkin memory.

If XMP is causing an issue on an entire channel, is this processor related or a motherboard issue?
Asking in Memory sub due to the nature affecting the memory, apologies if its not the correct forum.

Edit: I have tried 2 different BIOS versions, same issue.
Edit 2: dram voltage .5 higher doesn't help.
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